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About Our Club

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D1 Elite's Mission

Established in 2023, our mission as a youth athletic program is to provide a safe, fun, and challenging wrestling experience to all participants regardless of individual differences in the Northeast North Carolina. We are a USA Wrestling Charter club and we pride ourselves in developing athletes under the USA Wrestling structure. We hope to promote the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of our members through hard work, commitment, competition, and the camaraderie found in wrestling. We will focus on important traits like sportsmanship and respecting others. The concepts of self-discipline and individual responsibility are inherent for success in athletics as well as in life and we will strive to instill these characteristics in our athletes to help them be more successful in the future.

D1 Elite's Core Tenants



Sportsmanship is an understanding of and commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity, and general goodwill towards opponents. D1 athletes will be taught discipline in perspective, maintain poise and do what is best for teammates and fellow athletes at all times.



Respect is having regard for other people and their lives; it is showing those around us compassion and empathy. In a sport such as wrestling, respect is paramount. D1 Athletes will be taught and regularly reminded of the vital role of respect in sports. 

When we show respect for ourselves we stand taller. When we show respect to others they return in kind.



D1 Elite Wrestling Club Athletes will be regularly encouraged to be aware of their health and wellness. Nutrition specialists will be available to help athletes to learn and retain healthy habits for wrestling and life.


D1 Athletes will also be provided with ample opportunity to serve the club and our community. Athletes will support each other and the club at events and in service to the community that we rely on to support us.

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